In order to ensure the transfer of information between Adquira's applications and clients, Adquira count with security measures to guarantee confidentiality in communications that are established.

Transactional services operate on a secure server using SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), which is always activated when accessing to the service. The secure Server establishes a connection so that information is transmitted encrypted by using 256-bit, which ensures that it is only intelligible to the customer's computer.

Adquira applications use certificates issued by Verisign for making secure and encrypted communications. This Internet certification is similar to people an identity card and it is only issued for a particular Web page. In this way we have total certainty that the client is submitting its data to an Adquira server rather than to a third party (no one can pretend to be Adquira, because the certificate is in our installations). It is therefore, very important that any personal data traffic is done through HTTPS pages (the final S indicates that we are exchanging information with a SECURE server)

Additionally, different browsers use technology to prevent fraud by reporting on the security level of the site (website) visited, as well as the certificate used.

In order to check the validity of the certificate you must double-click on the padlock that appears next to the address bar or status bar, depending on the version and the browser you are using.

From Adquira we will never asked you, either by phone or email, your personal password. In the case that you receive a message regarding to your personal password or information, please do not provide any data and contact to Adquira 902 424 024 immediately.

Never access to Adquira applications through an email link or website that is not absolutely reliable. Instead, type the address in the browser.

We Remind you that your user name, password, etc.. are personal data and they are strictly confidential and they must only be used for accessing to Adquira services. The transfer of confidential data to third parties is under the owner responsibility, in the same way, do not forget to click on "Log out" at the end of your session in any of Adquira's the application.